Members Of Perfect Element
Members:[ Frank Peaker | Dana Dagit | Dave Marsch | Mark Houser ]

At 10 years old, my musical adventures began by singing “Country Roads” for friends. Music would become my life-long passion.

During my teenage years, my parents were desperately trying to beat some sense into me, so I joined the USAF, and was stationed in Italy. By age 20, I was the lead guitarist and vocalist for the American band Tantrum. Thrown straight into the fire, we played numerous events, to mostly very large crowds of military, and local Italian fans. The Italian girls were really cute! I was a prolific song writer during my time in Italy, recording over 50 songs in 18 months.

I ended up in Maryland, and quickly joined the local music scene. I honed my skills with the Baltimore based Ground Zero. In 1988, I was recruited by the established working rock/pop band Spring Fever as lead guitarist. It was then that I met an absolute beast of a guitarist, Mark Houser. I became one of Mark’s many guitar students. Mark introduced me to his longtime band mate, the uber-talented drummer/singer, Dave Marsch. My focus soon after, began to change from guitar to lead vocals.

I spent most of the 90’s raising a son and racing dirt track stock cars. After spending ALL of my money, I returned to music.

By 2000, I was singing for the monster bassist and musician Frank Peaker. We formed a deep musical bond, and performed extensively with Ringmaster, and Dead Ringer until 2011. Things have now come full circle, as Frank and I were invited to join forces with Mark, and Dave, to complete Perfect Element in 2012.

Some of my favorite performers, and greatest influences are: David Draiman, Freddy Mercury, Sully Erna, Dave Grohl, Sebastion Bach, and Geoff Tate.