Members Of Perfect Element
Members:[ Frank Peaker | Dana Dagit | Dave Marsch | Mark Houser ]

I started playing drums at around the age of 11. At around age 12, I went to hear my older brothers' band and they called me up to do "wipeout". The crowd went wild and I was hooked. I knew that I was going to be a drummer in a rock band. Although I didn't own a set, I would go to a friends house and teach him some stuff. In turn, he would let me play his set. I soon got my own single bass set and then added another set. (influenced by Neil Peart of course). Eventually, I bought a double bass, "Ludwig", octaplus set.

Some of my early influences were Neil Peart, Barimore Barlow, Steve Smith and Terri Bozio. Some of my current favs are Mike Portnoy, Jason Rullo, and The Rev. R.I.P Rev.

I've been singing ever since I can remember. Some of my vocal influences are Steve Walsh, Steve Perry, James LaBrie, Geoff Tate, and Bradley Delp, to name a few. R.I.P. brad.