Members Of Perfect Element
Members:[ Frank (bass) | Dana (vocals) | Dave (drums) | Mark (guitar) ]

Perfect Element is a group comprised of 4 incredibly talented musicians that produce the sound of Bands twice the size. Perfect Element is a fresh new act that performs Classic/Progressive/Modern rock with an emphasis not only on the music itself, but also the belief that there is no substitute for a multitude of strong, rich, blending vocal harmonies. Watching this band as they perform music containing such smooth melodic passages from bands like Kansas, Boston, Dream Theater, Styx, Journey & Extreme to name but a few, combined with an added blend of their own personality, is what makes this group so unique.

This is a hard working group on a mission to be the best that they can be. Always evolving, always looking forward to the next show, and striving for it to be even better than the last. Perfect Element offers more than enough to please everyone as you hear the music that you have grown with & came to love & even new ones that you will fall in love with for the first time after seeing & hearing for yourself.

With the powerful Drumming & percussion of Dave Marsch, The sophisticated multi layered synthesis & piano coupled with guitar of Dana Dagit, The strong rhythmic thump & smooth playing on Bass by Frank Peaker & The melodically aggressive guitar playing of Mark Houser.. , All with Lead & back up vocal abilities as well, makes this group a must see act for sure.

After seeing & hearing them bring to air a new element of rock, you too will also know why they are called “Perfect Element”.